Disruptive Technology… No Better Words To Describe This Process

We are pleased to announce the launch of Big Five Works™, a web-based app designed specifically to support the Big Five Performance Management process. Why “disruptive”? It has the potential to turn the world of employee appraisal upside-down, shattering many of the preconceived notions of many C-Suite and Human Resources leaders.

As many of you now know, the Big Five process eliminates the annual employee appraisal process by requiring employees to submit a simplified monthly production report to their managers describing their five most significant accomplishments from last month and their five highest priorities for the coming month. Until now, Big Five clients have been modifying their existing technology platforms to accommodate Big Five, or simply using email and document capture software to track and record the results. Both of these solutions were cumbersome, creating the need for specialized automation.

By the way, don’t believe for a minute that the large companies who have announced the elimination of annual appraisal have abandoned the documentation process. In this litigious era of affirmative action and equal rights, even the most progressive organizations cannot get too far away from documenting and justifying their personnel actions –hiring, pay, promotion, and termination.

So how is Works the answer? Here is a short list of the features and benefits.

• The software is a web-based app, accessible from any Internet connected device using its default web browser.

• Allows for client customization of content, email notification schedule, and reporting.

• Never a need for cost center or org unit cleanup. Builds its own internal management hierarchy each month ensuring that managers only have access to data for team members in their reporting structure.

• Last month’s Priorities auto-populate into this month’s Accomplishments to ensure continuity and accountability. Nothing important slips through the cracks.

• No data up/downloads. New employees register as first time users in the app itself.

• Secured data. All communications are validated and encrypted and data is stored securely on Amazon-powered servers. No proprietary or confidential user information is ever required.

• Easy on your network traffic. Reports are pulled from the app as needed.

• Intuitive and easy to use. Most require only ten minutes of training.

This process is guaranteed to improve employee/manager communication quality and frequency, reduce organizational expense, and eliminate the need for the traditional, annual, employee appraisal process!

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