Big 5 On The Run... Using dictation functions to save manager time

We pride ourselves on being able to save time for organizations and their managers, especially when compared to the hours and hours most of us have spent on traditional, annual employee appraisal. Here’s another way to help managers* maximize their coaching feedback time.

Ever been stuck at the airport or any other place where dragging your laptop out was inconvenient? Remember that you can use the dictation function found on almost all personal devices to provide feedback to your team members. Simply hit the microphone icon on the bottom row of the keyboard to read your input into any section of a Big 5 report. The accuracy is usually 100% and don’t worry that you might have some pauses, ooh’s or ah’s, in your report. Remember that Big 5 is about communication, not perfection. Cover your tracks, if you like, by beginning with something like:

“Hey Kendall. I am responding to your Big 5 verbally here at the airport so please pardon any of my stutters or pauses. Here goes…”

Using the dictation function can save managers lots of time with relative ease. To load the free Big 5 Works app to your smart devices, go to:

*Non-exempt/non-managerial team members will probably prefer to use their work computers to provide input as after-hours use of personal devices could constitute overtime under FLSA. See your Human Resources department if you have questions or concerns about this issue.