25 Employee Appraisal Pains You Can Eliminate (Today)

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not too simple.” Albert Einstein

1. Rater bias. Some managers grade more easily.

2. Time required; excessive for most managers.

3. Lost opportunities created by time requirement.

4. Systems, software, training costs.

5. Poor ROI- cost of process > organizational benefit.

6. Corporate goals may not translate to individual goals.

7. Speed of change can neutralize annual goals.

8. Employees want constant/instant feedback.

9. Metrics alone do not tell the full story.

10. Metrics can be manipulated by employees.

11. Metrics can be manipulated by managers.

12. Mid-year check-ins simply don’t happen.

13. Focused on compliance, not coaching.

14. December struggle to remember the year.

15. Employee “lean” as appraisal time approaches.

16. Manager’s focus on most recent events.

17. “Soft” feedback from managers.

18. “Soft” appraisals can create liability.

19. Employees can feel “dumped on” at year end.

20. Not employee driven, even with self-assessment.

21. Hierarchy breakdown. Does the CEO participate?

22. Employees and managers are skeptical.

23. Budget, not performance, drives pay.

24. When scored, no one enjoys being “average”.

25. Harms morale.

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