Employee Performance Appraisals Done Right

Thinking of improving your current employee performance appraisal process?
  The Big Five Performance Management system has been practiced for the past 15 years at two Fortune 500 companies.  Here’s how it works: 

Each month, employees submit monthly, half-page production reports to their managers describing two things:

  1. 1. Their five most significant accomplishments from last month, and

2. Their five highest priorities for the current month. 

This process takes no more than 10 minutes per month but it gives the employee a chance to tell their story and take credit for their contributions.  Managers have the opportunity to affirm, guide, and even redirect their efforts, improving both the quality and quantity of coaching. Big Five is an excellent employee appraisal and alignment tool, keeping team members strategically focused on their highest priorities. This innovative process improves corporate return-on-investment as it is more effective but requires less time and resources.  But the most significant benefit to the Big Five Performance Management system is that it can …totally eliminate annual employee appraisal!


Award Winning Innovation Meets Disruptive Technology

HR.com and Leadership Excellence have honored Big Five Performance Management implemented at NACE International, including it in their 2017 LEAD Top 15 Award program for “Best Use of an Executive Coaching Program”.   When you pair the Big Five process with the supporting Big Five Works app, you create a game changing performance management system that is more effective and less costly; one that managers value and employees appreciate.

How Well Does This Work?  A Case Study

​The National Association of Corrosion Engineers, headquartered in Houston, is the world renowned leader in providing technical advice, training, and certification to its 35,000 member affiliates.

Since the installation of Big Five in November, 2015:

​    -The frequency of coaching has increased 38%

    -The quality of coaching improved 9%

    -95% now agree that they now receive the right amount of coaching

    -Traction  (actual improvement in performance) has improved almost 10%

    -Employee Satisfaction has grown an astounding 49.8%!


Want to know more?  Click on the videos below to hear the NACE story.

Bob Chalker, CEO, NACE International (:40)

The Executive View

Matt Miller, COO, NACE International (1:00)

The Manager's View

Pam Birk, CTO, NACE International (1:32)

The Human Resources View

Roberta Arnold, NACE International (:38)

The Employee View

Three Levels of Big Five Resources and Support

Want to implement Big Five yourself? This book is the best 128 pages you will ever read on the subject of employee performance appraisal!  This no-nonsense guide will walk you through the steps required to efficiently and effectively install Big Five in your organization.  Available on Amazon/Kindle and Barnes & Noble, it is a quick and easy read.  Click on the book image above to order from Amazon.

Need consulting assistance to implement Big Five?  We have a talented team of virtual associates who can assist in person or via video conference with every aspect of your change management process.  Do you know your ROI for your current process?  We can help you compute that number, determine your improved number, post installation; and provide you with methods for taking a victory lap with your employees and stakeholders.

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Need software to automate and document Big Five? Big Five Works  is a web-based app, powered by Amazon Web Services, customizable for each client.  It supports the Big Five Performance Management system perfectly from any Internet enabled device.  Designed to minimize HR administrative involvement, there is never a need for up/downloads, no hierarchy clean-up ever, and the only proprietary data required is the team member’s email address.  All reporting is on-demand to minimize data traffic and storage.

Need to convince others in your organization to try the Big Five Performance Management system?  Take a look at this six minute video describing the 25 challenges inherent in the traditional, annual appraisal process.   Eye-opening!

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